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Umnenno KWPN coloured warmblood stallionUmenno KWPN Registered SSH Licensed Coloured Chestnut Tobiano Warmblood Stallion

Umenno possesses a good trainable temperament, powerful flamboyant movement, a beautifully marked chestnut and white robe, and a pedigree of legendary ancestry with 50% thoroughbred.

Bred with athleticism in mind he is an expressive and powerful mover with off the floor paces and has demonstrated good jumping ability in the showjumping arena.

Umenno was also shown in hand throughout the UK, standing Open Non Native National Champion and young stock reserve. He has stood Champion at many National county shows including, the Scottish Chaps National, the Highland Show, Fife Show, and Great Yorkshire along with other wins in Sport Horse classes.

As a four year old he jumped double clears in British Novice. Discovery and Newcomers. He qualified for the Royal Show potential showjumper, the Royal International Horse Show BSPA Ridden finals, Burghley young event horse, Arena UK 4 year old SJ championship, and the Scottish Sports Horse 4 year old showjumping sport horse series along with numerous overall Championships in ridden sport horse classes often standing vainquer to older competitors. Winner of the five year classes at Bicton and the six year old class in St Legier Switzerland with additional placings at RII with Rudi Wallerbosch.

Umenno has since been sold to South Africa and has dominated the showing circuit with multiple wins and Championships.

Frozen semen is available for distribution within all EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.


Umenno has consistently sired SSH, BEF & KWPN Premium, Champion and Prize winning foals. A number of his daughters have gained Ster status for both quality of movement and jumping. His oldest progeny are now under saddle competing in the disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing and are also fairing well in ridden showing classes.

His eldest daughter Aquenna out of our foundation dam Quinine (Quater x Galant) is already a JC Pony after just 12 months in competition. Others include Bequinna full sister to Aquenna, Pascalette and Biornno (Aram x Oklund) showjumping with success in France and Switzerland.

In 2013 his daughter Bequinna aged seven, full sister to Aquenna became the French National Junior Event Champion ridden by Lucile Lavenu.

His daughter Femmina SwS obtained the third highest score at the UK KWPN Keurings in 2010. His four year old son Chelanno out of Edwina (Edkinghill x Dotorre) was Champion Ridden Four Year Old Sport Horse (combination of conformation, movement and jumping) and finished the day Champion Reserve Overall out of the four, five and six year olds at the Sport Horse Breeders (GB) National Championships at Addington ridden by Hayley Hankey and was a HOYS finalist in 2012.

Pedigree Highlights:

Wellington VDL

KWPN approved Keur predicate stallion who belonged to the famous VDL Stud in Holland. A successful show jumper at 1.60m level and the sire of many predicate mares. Farrington, Glennridge and Emillion were of World Cup success. His offspring are of International show jumping standard include Jerome, VDL Jupiter and What a Game. Wellington also sired successful dressage horses including Ceylon and Bolvorms.


KWPN Stallion of the Century. Son of the Preferent stallion Farn, the Preferent Nimmerdor was the most famous of all the old-fashioned Holstein offspring. Nimmerdor has had a tremendous, far-reaching influence upon the world of equestrian breeding and has sired over 50 Approved sons as well as a multitude of international show jumpers and exceptional brood mares.


Farn broke the service records. In 1979 he was offered 236 mares. In 1978 he had been awarded the 'keur' predicate, in 1991, he was declared 'preferent', seven years after his death. He left eleven approved sons, 123 'ster', 31 'keur', 14 'preferent' and 6 'prestatie' mares." Farn was the sire of a number of notable international showjumpers, including Odin N, Black and White, Design and Olympus. Aside from Nimmerdor, Farn sired a number of stallion sons, including: Fanfare, Felix, Garant (ex Flipper), Safari, Telstar and Uddel. By the end of his breeding career, Farn was the sire of 13 approved sons


KWPN Ster predicate mare, one of of 17 offspring daughter of the Ster Preferent mare Solinde. Evelien was one of eight full siblings by Samber and is a full sister to the German approved stallion Sambucco B who sired nine approved stallions in Germany icluding Sinclair B. Evelien herself produced 12 offspring, 7 of which have proven themselves in sport.


The most influencial coloured warmblood stallion of all time. He competed at Grand Prix dressage stallion and showjumping up to 1.30m. He is sire to over 1500 progeny 50% of which are coloured. He produced versatile offspring succeeding in all Olympic disciplines and remains the only coloured stallion to have been approved with the K.W.P.N. – at present.

Pericles xx

An English bred Thoroughbred. He stood at stud in the Netherlands from 1976 until his death in 1987. He was one of very few Thoroughbreds like Lucky Boy to achieve Preferent status. Pericles xx did some racing and competed in Open Jumpers later in his career. His offspring made excellent sport horses. He is also the maternal grandsire of the legendary stallion Ulft. Not only was Pericles xx dam sire of the most famous coloured stallion Samber but also when combined with the Nimmerdor son Glendale produced the dam of the world most famous dressage stallion Totilas.

Tina D

A remarkable mare who produced 19 foals, a number of which obtained Ster, Keur and Prestatie status including Wanda, a Keur Preferent Prestatie mare full sister to Samber. This mare line, commencing with the coloured mare Karoll, a registered Gelders mare of unknown origin is responsible for producing more tobiano sport horses world wide than any other. The origin of her colour has been discussed by many and some have implied that it may well have come from the "Gypsy Cob" of Ireland but the history and origins of tobiano horses identifies that it is much more likely to have stemmed from Asia and Eastern Europe. Their presence has been found on Egyptian tombs as far back as the 4th century B.C. Evidence of their use has been unearthed in the Gobi Desert. Genghis Khan used tobiano coloured horses in his conquests of Asia. Paintings of these horses are plentiful in European art of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Lucky Boy xx

KWPN Keur Preferent bred in Holland was an influencial sire in KWPN sport horse breeding. 27 of his sons were licensed and he also produced many Ster, Keur and perhaps more importantly, Prestatie mares such as Alandra, Ameika, Dadalie, Dafanory and Dersinaa. In the breeding shed he sired a great many International showjumpers and dressage horses. His daughters have themselves gone on to provide the KWPN studbook with a legacy of sport horse progenitors. Lucky Boys' lineage is also found for example in the World Cup winner Calypso ('73) and the Olympic team Gold medalist The Freak ('76).

Le Faquin

TB (FR) 1954 sired 11 licensed sons and had a significant impact on the Dutch Warmblood by adding elegance and lightness to the breed. One of Le Faquin's most famous sons is Pretendent, one of the KWPN's top-ranked sires of all time. Other sons include Vincent and Amarillo. He is also the grandsire of Facet, Cabochon and Caritas. Of these offspring and grandchildren, Pretendent, Facet, Vincent and Cabochon are listed in the KWPN Top-20 Sires.

Enfant de Normandie

1963 TB (FR) was an excellent broodmare sire producing a great number of Keur Preferant Prestatie mares. His maternal grandson, John E. M. (by Jasper out of Zeggy (Enfant de Normandie) helped the United States Win the Nations Cup in Norway under rider Candice King of Wellington, FL. He was also the maternal grandsire of Heruto (Doruto x Enfant de Normandie) a Grand Prix dressage stallion. He competed himself to Z level in both dressage and showjumping and sired the KWPN approved stallions Journalist, Juweel, Jongleur, Lucas, and Maarshalk. He is also found in the bloodlines of todays approved stallions such as Mooiman (Flemmingh x Roemer) and the Grand Prix dressage stallion Vincent (Pretendant x Duc De Normanide) ridden by Annemarie Sanders-Keizer. At his stallion test he scored three times the note 9 for jumping and three times the score of 8 for his dressage qualities.


Breed: KWPN (Licensed SSH)
Born: 2001
Colour: Chestnut Tobiano
Height: 165 cm 16.1hh
Stud Fee: £700
Download: Nomination Form
Wellington Nimmerdor pref Farn Fax I
Ramonna Koridion xx
Patty keur pref Luckyboy xx Compromise xx
Eritima ster Romeo
Evelien Ster Samber Pericles xx Relic xx
Queen Of Peru xx
Tina ster pref prest Ordonnans
Solinde Ster Pref Le Faquin xx Aldis Lamp xx
Le Fagne xx
Mon Amie ster pref Enfant De Normanide
Golinde Keur Pref


French National Champions 2013
Young Riders CCE Pompadour
Bequinna & Lucile Lavenu (Umenno x Quater x Galant) KWPN 2006
(Photo Courtesy Of Alexandre Champin)

Biornno (Umenno x Oklund x Aram) KWPN 2006
Five Years Old Corsica France 2011

Aquenna SSH 2005 (Umenno x Quater Galant)
1.48hh Pony Mare Currently jumping 1.20m with Junior Rider Paula Patterson.

Earlanno (Umenno x Lord Sinclair) Bred by Jo Dixon
Qualified RIHS, SHB GB National Hunt Championship Show and HOYS LWH Age Four. Ridden & Produced by Simon Reynolds owned by Heather Clay.

Chelanno (Umenno x Edking Hill) HOYS 2012
SHB GB Flat Ridden Sports Horse Champion Reserve 2011 aged four.
Qualified HOYS 2013
Photo Courtesy of E.S Photography


1st Premium colt foal Amenno (Umenno x Edwina) Champion Hunter Foal Royal Highland Show & Champion Foal Fife Show 2005

Solaris Felanno (Umenno x Edwina)
Supreme Coloured Champion Perth Show 2010

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