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Cremello Warmblood Stallion McJonnas McJonnas the UK's most popular cremello warmblood stallion. A beautiful and rare Cremello Warmblood Stallion of Czech Warmblood descent.

His cremello colouring is the outcome of his double dilute genes. The Cremello colouring has for many years been misunderstood and it is only in recent years that the general public have now gained greater insight into the wonderful genetic makeup of these spectacular "blue eyed creams".

Cremello stallions guarantee 100% palomino foals when bred to chestnut mares, however McJonnas can also produce palomino, smokey black or buckskin foals from bay/black mares. McJonnas is Homozygous Creme (CrCr) and Heterozygous Agouti Aa.

Set aside from this remarkable attribute McJonnas is an athletic horse with good jumping ability from a lineage of performance sport horses with a pedigree steeped in history including the greatest foundation lines of the Trakehner coupled with the thoroughbred and the famous Golden Kinsky horses.

McJonnas successfully passed his stallion inspection and was Licensed with the Scottish Sports Horse in March 2008 with good conformation, walk and canter.

He has been extensively used across the UK proving to be a popular choice with mare owners with now over seventy foals registered resulting from his first few seasons at stud. A consistent sire of premium and prize winning foals and is now proving as popular a choice in the Netherlands as he is in the UK. McJonnas's oldest progeny are now starting under saddle and showing great promise.

McJonnas commenced under saddle in the dressage arena in spring of 2008 and on his first three unaffiliated outings he was placed respectively third, second and first in his prelim. and novice tests scoring consistently over 70% prior to commencing at affiliated level. McJonnas qualified for the Scottish Regional Finals at his second affiliated show at Dabbs Equestrian Centre in the Novice section.

More Photos of McJonnas

His progeny are exceptionally calm and affectionate with strong top lines, well defined limbs and beautiful faces with the additional bonus of guaranteed "colourful" robes of gold, ranging from caramel and mink shades of buckskins with black manes and tails, chocolate and amber shaded smokey blacks and palomino's ranging from all shades of gold. The diversity of colours are always fascinating to observe as they change, which adds a little more excitement and interest as we ponder how they will turn out. He has crossed well with thoroughbreds, natives, Irish Sport Horses and warmblood mares.

McJonnas Progeny

His progeny are eligible for Breed Society Passport registration with the Scottish Sports Horse in the foundation Studbook with all first premium foals eligible for entry into the Head Stud Book at the age of three or over providing the mare has a three generation pedigree. McJonnas is also registered with the KWPN and, depending on the mares registration details, his progeny are eligible for KWPN Reg B & NRPS Reg A. Registration is available with most other recognised WBFSH & EU approved stud books. Contact your stud book of choice for more details.


His sire, Mineral is a rare Kinsky Stallion, standing at stud in the Czech Republic and has sired a great number of sport horses, broodmares and stallions. His progeny have been sold around the world and proves a popular choice with breeders in his homeland. Mineral is described as being a stallion with very good exterior, impressive looks, of dark golden palomino colour, with good movement and easy to ride. In his 100 day performance test he had the best mark for ridability and was approved in 1999. Progeny of Mineral are described as being "sufficiently powerful, of good type and easy to ride". His best progeny are "Centra", "Galan", "Iluse" and "Minor" in show jumping, Fanfan and Melante in dressage.

The Paternal Grand Sire

"Mys xx" (Flying Star x Astyanax)

The TB sire Mys x has been recorded as being the best sprinter in the Czech Republic for three consecutive years (1984 -1986) His sire "Flying Star" (Worden) was second in the Czech Derby and sire of numerous jumpers. "My Flying" a full brother to Mys show jumped to S level (International) Myjaxa the dam of "Mys" was a descendant of many great steeple chasers including "Mocná" and "Mighty Mor" winners of the Pardubice steeplechase race.

Myjava (Marin Lipsky x Furioso XV-55) 1977

"Myjava" Mineral's dam was an elite mare, having produced 13 progeny, a number of which have competed with success in both show jumping and dressage. She was the daughter of one of the best palomino stallions in the Czech republic "Marin Lipský". Myjava also produced two other stallions asides Mineral, his full brother "Mistral" and "My Boy" used for breeding in Germany (also known as "Oklan"). My Boy was a son of the Russian Trakehner stallion "Obvod" "Myjava's" daughter the buckskin mare Mija by "Amon" competed up to Grand Prix in show jumping.

Marin Lipský

The bloodlines of "Marin Lipský" appears in many pedigrees of successful sport horses sporting the golden robes of palomino and buckskin horses throughout the world. Marin Lipský was the result of the line breeding of yet another famous racing palomino "Cesar" who was a successful racehorse in 1856 and who's lines trace back to what is believed to be the founder of the ancient Bohemian Golden riding Horses developed by Count Octavian Kinsky, founder of the Equus Kinsky stud book.

Almhirt Týnský

The maternal damline introduces yet more of the famous Kinsky bloodlines, this time through the grand dam "Alena" by the famous palomino show jumper "Almhirt Týnský" by Almhirt. Almhirt Týnský, competed in Germany under the name "Controversy" and was successful at M level (1.40 m) He was one of the most popular sires in recent Kinsky breeding. Standing 1.69m in height, Almhirt Týnský was renown for passing on his willingness to work and kind temperament. It is perhaps the height of Mineral and Almirt combined that seems to prevail to McJonnas's youngstock as he consistently adds height to his foals despite measuring only 1.64 himself.

Nugeta her Paternal lines

Quonium & Guido (Trakehner)

McJonnas's dam "Nugeta" reveals a pedigree steeped in the influential bloodlines and history of the Russian Trakehner. Her sire "Quonium Zapusky" traces back to several of the greatest foundation Trakehner sires of today through the bloodlines of "Quonium" (ex Gavor) by Guido. From Guido's sire line stemmed the famous horses Marduc, Anduc, Hyllos, Solero TSF and Creon who eventually led to Komet and thus Doruto, the most influential Trakehner dressage sire of the KWPN today.

Pythagaros (Dampfross x Tempelhüter) 1927 Trakehner

Guido's sire Pythagaros was awarded "Elite" status by the Trakehner Verband. The dark bay stallion combined the blood of the two of the greatest Trakehner sires of the century "Dampfross out of "Pechmarie" by "Tempelhüter" and proved to be the leading sire prior to WWII between 1933-1944 siring over 40 stallion sons during his reign. His son Totilas and daughter Tapete were instrumental in revitalizing the breed after the war. Pythagaros's influence even today is still strong through his sons: Guido, Creon and Eife,. Gunnar, Herzbube, EH Leonardo and EH Argument. Argument and Eifel became foundation stallions in Russia producing the stallion sons,"Waitaki" and "Abrek"

Pythagoros' Daughters; Hansastadt, Isola Madre and Alraune were of importance for establishing strong dam lines, and in addition to the fore mentioned stallions, his sons; "Keith", "Markwart", "Sporn" "Suomar" and Pilgrim made sure the lines continued.

Dampfross (Dingo x Passavan) Trakehner 1916

Dampfross, Pythagaros's' sire came from the private stud farm of Lauszus in Stepponaten, county, Ragnit, in East Prussia. Born in 1913 and acquired by Trakehner as a chief sire in 1923. He remained active until 1933. His sire "Dingo" out of "Laura" by "Passvan" was a son of the legendary "Flügel" a stallion that very much stamped his type into the Trakehner breed, something that is often referred to today as "Flügel-type"

Dampfross was very much the prototype of the warmblood horse, well-tempered, with an impeccable mind, outstanding powerful movement, excellent health and high general athleticism. Experts agree that even today he would stand at the top of any warmblood breed. Dampfross sired 38 approved sons and no less than 35 of his daughters were recruited for the famous Trakehner mare herds. His most influential son for the Trakehner breed was by far Pythagoras, in Hanover, it was Semper Idem who redefined the meaning of "athletic show jumper", even to this day, his descendant Stakkato stands at stud in Celle in 2006.

Tempelhüter (Perfectionist x Jennesie) Trakehner 1905

Pythagaros's dams sire Tempelhüter was chief sire in Trakehner (1916-1931) and was considered as the perfect example of the Trakehner horse. As illustration of his unrivaled significance, a statue of this magnificent stallion was erected in front of the Castle at Trakehnen where it remained until it was taken to Russia after World War II and was placed in front of the Russian Horse Museum in Moscow. During a somewhat emotional and tearful ceremony an exact replica of the statue was made in the early 1970s by Hans-Joachim Köhler and revealed to the public in front of the Horse Museum in Verden, Germany.

The Maternal damline Furioso XVIII (Furioso XVII x Przedswit II-K) 1931

Retuning to Quoniam Zapusky's dam Hilda was a daughter of Furioso Sedlec. This sire line stems back to Furioso XVIII - K awarded "Supreme Elite" and remained an influential sire in the Czech Republic standing at the National Stud farm Kladruby. Kladruby stud was founded in 1579 by the Emperor of Rome and the Czech King Rudolf II.

The Furioso sire line eventually leads us back to the foundation Thoroughbred sires of Sir Peter Teazle, High Flyer, and as far as records go to the famous Black Arabian Stallion Byerly Turk and Godolphin.



Breed: Czech WB Licensed SSH
Born: 2006
Colour: Cremello
Height: 164cm
Stud Fee: £700 frozen semen only
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Mineral Mys Flying Star Bel Bakara
Queen Philippa
Myjaxa Astyanax
Myjava Marin Lipsky Marin
Jiskra 207 Furioso XV
7-437 Jiskra
Nugeta Quoniam Zakupski Quoniam 118 Quoniam
Hilda Furioso Sedlec
Almhirt Tynsky
1932 Almhirt - 9

Mineral Photo Courtesy of Katerina Filipi


McJonnas 2010

Leah Tolly and her handsome 18HH five year gelding Birchcol Macaroon Gold by McJonnas out of Holme Grove Mary Poppins
2nd Novice ridden 2nd Sport Horse at the Palomino Society Championships.
1st British Dressage P 12W 64.4% and First P14WQ 68.33% with rider Pippa Taylor at Swallowfield in Warwickshire on their first outing.

Three year old 17HH Palomino Warmblood Gelding "Duplicanno"
(McJonnas x Samber) debuting under saddle

Sooty Palomino Warmblood filly foal out of the Bavarian Warmblood mare Luella (Kataract x Duplikat x Luciano) Bred by the Evelien Wilson

Palomino Colt McJonnas x Samber Palomino Filly McJonnas x Scandic Buckskin Filly McJonnas x Dorian

Charisma sooty palomino warmblood filly foal

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