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Achanenna - coloured warmblood mare STER KWPN mare by Amoureux

Golden by nature, golden in colour and golden in pedigree, Ezanndra is our homebred palomino warmblood mare by McJonnas out of a KWPN (SSH Ster) mare Zandarinn by Olympic Scandic.

An absolute delight in every way, a real gem with the most wonderful personality and character. Ezanndra adores human company and attention and acts as if she has been here before, she never stresses or fusses taking everything in her stride.

Ezanndra was graded into the SSH stud book as a three year old obtaining 7.5 for her walk. and 7 for her canter with an overall movement score of 7.2 in jumping she showed good technique especially the front leg with an overall jumping score of 7.

In 2014 Ezanndra produced a beautiful buckskin filly "Jeux D'Amour" aka "Jade" by Amoureux.

Pedigree highlights:

McJonnas's pedigree is steeped in history including the greatest foundation lines of the Trakehner coupled with the thoroughbred and the famous Golden Kinsky horses tracing back to the the greatest Trakhener foundation sires Pythagaros through Guido, Dampfross (Dingo x Passavan) and Tempelhüter.

Zandarinn by the KWPN dressage stallion "Scandic" also possesses an excellent jumping technique. At her mare Grading she was awarded Ster status with the Scottish Sports Horse achieving 87.5% for scope, an overall jumping score of 80%. A good number of upper level sport horses descend from the merrielijn 171 including the approved stallion Sauvage Diamant, "Vedet" by OOseven ridden by Cynthia Pronk, the International Grand Prix Dressage horse Bon Aparte by Sultan, the Grand Prix Showjumper Ultimo by Goodtimes, Pytharr, Ethar, Hatharin and Zithar are all advanced dressage horses.

Watermill Scandic Grand Prix KWPN approved dressage stallion who competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games and winner of the bronze medal in the Freestyle at the European Championships 2011 in Rotterdam with Patrik Kittel. In 2013 he finished 7th in the World Cup final. Both his father Solos Carex and his grandfather Admiral excelled at the highest level in dressage. Great grandmother Eljenohve is also mother of Billy Twomey's formal top Grand Prix horse Luidam.

Solos Carex Grand Prix Danish Approved dressage stallion who competed at the 2008 Olmpic Games. Winner of the Danish breeder's trophy in 1998 and Nordic Dressage Championship in 1999. Under Vilhelmson, Carex competed at his first international Grand Prix Championship in 2002 at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain, the duo competed for Sweden at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, 2007 the European Championships (team bronze) and the 2008 Olympic Games placing 12th individually.

Flyinge Amiral Grand Prix dressage stallion who competed at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta ridden by Kyra Kyrklund . They placed 11th individually at the European Championships in Luxembourg and competed at the . He went on to the Sydney Olympic Games with Peter Markne. Amiral also competed in the Gothenburg International Horse Show 2001 and finished 4th and 5th in the invitational dressage.

No Ski A descendant of the thoroughbred Nijinsky his sons and daughters have good sport horse results. The son Nurajev was approved by the NRPS.

Ulft Approved by the KWPN in 1981, Ulft was awarded excellent scores of 9 for ridability and temperament. Ulft also excelled in jumping with an overall mark of 8.5. The most notable of his offspring was the black stallion "Olympic Ferro" who competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and assisted the Dutch team in achieving a team silver medal. In 2011 the line bred stallion "Uthopia" by "Metal" by Ferro, (Ulft x Ramiro) out Odelia" (Inspekteur x Ulft) ridden by Carl Hester rode the British team into Gold Medal position in Rotterdam at the European Championships with an individual silver in the Grand Prix and competed in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Another of Ulft's famous descendants is Carl Hesters horse "Valegro" by Negro who set a new Olympic record at the London 2012 Olympics with British Team Rider Charlotte Dujardin.


Solaris Ezanndra

Breed: Scottish Sports Horse
Born: 2009
Colour: Palomino
Height: 15.1HH

Video footage from foal to current day including commentary aged three at the SSH Gradings. Watch in HD Full screen on Youtube

McJonnas Mineral Mys xx Flying Star
Myjava Marin Lipsky
Nugeta Quoniam Zakupsky Quoniam
Alena Almhirt Tynsky Cervanek

SSH Ster

Solos Carex
Solos Larix
Noraline Elite Prest Pref Sport(dr)
No Ski XX Nininsky XX
Yea Misty XX
Keur Preferent
Ulft Preferent
Victharin Keur Pref Prestatie

palomino warmblood mare for sale

palomino warmblood mare

Solaris Ezanndra with her 2014 smokey brown filly
Jeux D'Amour by Amoureux

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