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Every once in a while a colt is born that surpasses all expectations. They stand with nobility, elegance and grace and that look that gives you goose bumps and you just know they are special. Ohbi Wan Kenobi is one such colt.

At just over a week old he has clearly demonstrated three quality paces. He travels with ease, grace and splendor, a lightness of the forehand, excellent balance and rhythm. So much so that it is virtually impossible to take a bad photo of him.

Needless to say when one looks at the quality of his parentage his sire the KWPN dressage stallion Hennessy, champion of his ridden performance test whose pedigree combines the worlds leading dressage sires De Niro and Jazz and his exquisite dam Kharisma SSH by our elegant blood type Kambarbay it is not difficult to fathom why he is such and outstanding colt.

On the motherline we find yet another of the worlds leading dressage sires, San Remo currently listed in 8th position of the WBSHF dressage sire rankings. Despite a very small motherline it has yeilded the Grand prix dressage horse Stefano 8, the Prix St. Georges dressage horse Titus and the medium dressage horses Obed Marije and Zabad

In addition to his illustrious pedigree his smokey black coat is a rarity within the KWPN and Warmblood gene pool.



His sire Hennessey was champion of the 2015 KWPN Stallion Test. A son of the Worlds Number one dressage sire De Niro, his dam sire the most influential dressage sire of Dutch Breeding Jazz who held the number one position for many years, the grand dam sire Ulft, sire of Olympic Ferro, grand sire to Valegro and found twice in the pedigree of Carl Hester's Uthopia.

De Niro

Himself an accomplished Grand Prix dressage stallion he is currently leading the WBFSH dressage sire rankings.


KWPN Grand Prix Dressage stallion and the greatest KWPN dressage sire of the century. Jazz led the WBFSH dressage sire rankings for many years until over taken by De Niro in 2013.

Kharisma SSH

Homebred KWPN Reg A mare she was retained on the merit of her outstanding beauty and quality gaits. She is a full sister to the AES Elite foal and now licensed stallion Lanaken SSH and the Scottish National Foal Champion Jakira SSH


Competed with good results in all three disciplines. He demonstrates bold confidence in his cross country, good scope and technique in jumping and scores very good marks in his dressage. He is an exceptionally fast learner with a willing trainable temperament which he notably passes onto his offspring. Kambarbay brings high intelligence to the equation.


KWPN Ster predicate mare who has been shown in-hand with great success with endless number of prizes and Championship Titles as have her offspring. She has excellent mechanics, is forward thinking, intelligent and very obedient. Brought under saddle she has a very good work ethic, is a fast learner and is eager to please. Abisag also has a good KWPN dressage breeding index of 127.

Her dam Nanda by the Grand Prix dressage stallion Jacardo is a maternal sister to the successful International Grand Prix dressage horse Stefano 8 (S. Gribaldi) ridden by Beatrice Marienau (USA) winners of the Wellington FL CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle to Music 2016, the Prix St Georges/Intermediate Dressage gelding "Titus" by Welt Hit II ridden by Rhonda Dretel also in the USA, Nanda's full brother Obed, the STER mare Marije by Havidoff, Stefano's full brother Zabad all of whom have competed with success at medium level and Stefano's full sister the Keur mare and IBOP performance tested mare Christa.

Stefano 8 earned over 1000 FEI points and was listed in the top fifty dressage progeny contributing towards Gribaldi's third place WBFSH dressage sire ranking.

San Remo

Approved by both the Hanoverian and KWPN stud books he competed with success in the Pavo cup young horse classes by Edward Gal. San Remo is currently listed in eight position in the WBFSH dressage sire rankings.

Ohbi Wan Kenobi SSH

Breed: KWPN VB
Born: 2019
Colour: Smokey Black
Height: EMH 16.2HH+/-

Hennessy De Niro
GP Dress
GP Dress
Alicante Hazelnut II
EPTM (drs) Elite
GP Dress
GP Dress
Kharisma SSH Kambarbay Kuvvatli 990 Karaman
2129 Alchak
2938 Sonata 960 Mukhtar
2059 Sil
Abisag STER San Remo Wolkentanz I
Nanda STER Jacardo
Gracia Prestatie

One Year Old

October six months old

September five months old

Three Months Old

Ohbi 3 weeks

Ohbi 3 days

Kharisma SSH

Hennessy (De Niro x Jazz)

De Niro The Worlds Current Leading Dressage Sire

Jazz World Dressage Sire Ranking #4

San Remo

San Remo World Dressage Sire Ranking #8

Kambarbay Dam Sire





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