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Solaris Amoureux

Breed: KWPN
Born: 2005
Colour: Black Bay (EE Aa)
Height: 17HH / 171cm
Stud Book License: AES Approved
Stud Fee: £800 +£150 Collection P&P

KWPN registered, AES Approved successful advanced level dressage stallion with many wins and qualifications at the most prestigious of high profile dressage shows, premiere leagues, regional and National Championships competing against the UK's best dressage riders with results at Prix St Georges/Int I

WFFS Carrier All warmblood mares must be tested WFFS

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Solaris Buenno

Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Born: 2006
Colour: Homozygous Bay Tobiano
Height: 15.3HH 158cm
Stud Book License: AES
Stud Fee: £700 + Collection £75

Homebred dutch wamblood homozygous bay tobiano stallion licensed with the AES. He has proven a successful choice of stallion with mare owners world wide. His progeny are competing well in all disciplines, showing, jumping eventing and dressage.

Same day delivery is charged at 0.45p/mile

WFFS Negative

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Breed: Akhal-Teke
Born: 2006
Colour: Perlino Cr Cr AA Ee
Height: 15.3HH / 160cm
Stud Book License: AES Approved
Frozen: £1000 (3 Straws)

Loved and admired by breeders world wide kambarbay has to date had a far reaching influence on sport horse breeding. He brings stamina, speed, hardiness and intelligence to his offspring with an aptitude to excel in eventing.

WFFS Negative

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Solaris Jakalino SSH

Breed: WCPS
Born: 2014
Colour: Perlino
Height: 13HH
Stud Book License: SPSS

Perlino sport pony by Kambarbay his dam a Welsh Section A mare who's progeny have proven successful in dressage and the show ring. Jakalino however shows a special aptitude for jumping with three very good paces ideally suited for sport pony breeding

WFFS Not tested/ His sire is WFFS free and WFFS is not found in the Welsh Pony

For Sale Not Available For Stud Duties

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