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KWPN Ster mare Abisag Chiquita Ster mare Swiss Warmblood Mare Quinine Zandarinn Ster mare by Scandic

Imported from Holland, Velita was awarded the Ster predicate at the SSH gradings with excellent marks for movement. Her paces are well above average with a good walk, canter and a trot that is difficult to improve upon. She also received a good mark for conformation.

Velita as with all of the Solaris mares has a solid pedigree of performance sport horses. Her paces are that of other Goodtimes offspring combined with the great Ulft bloodline that produced Olympic Ferro.

However not only are these bloodlines renown for producing the great competition dressage sires of the world such as VDL Prestige but also of equal caliber in the world class show jumping arena.

In 2006 she produced an outstanding colt foal, Bavarnno by Umenno, with all the attributes of a top class athlete. Bavarnno impressed the KWPN inspectors at the SSH gradings and was awarded a score of 85 for his trot 80 for his canter and an overall score of 80 for his movement with 73 for conformation scoring an overall 77%. It was decided not to breed Velita in 2006 as Bavarnno was a late foal so waited until the following year.

In 2008 once again Velita did not disappoint us. On April the 11th, she delivered a stunning leggy filly foal Solaris Divynne by Umenno who was purchased by show jumping family Geoff Luckett and partner Clare Booth at the Brightwells stars of the future auction in Addington.

In 2009 Velita produced an exquisite palomino colt by McJonnas, "Solaris Evanno", with four knee length white stockings, inheriting his dams flamboyant paces. Evanno was sold as a future stallion prospect and dressage horse but is proving to be quite a jumper too, clearing the five foot fencing that surrounds the arena in his new home at Springside Equestrian.

In 2010 Velita finally produced the coloured filly that we had long awaited, this time by Solaris Buenno. This exquisite filly has inherited her dam's "probable" splash gene and the tobiano from her sire. An elegant modern filly with fabulous paces. She will be retained as a future broodmare.

2011 saw the arrival of yet another quality colt, this time by Amoureux, Solaris Gracieux UK KWPN Dressage Foal Champion Scotland, now sold to Anne McLellan in the USA along with Velita. Her damline will be carried on through our coloured filly "Solaris Favorinna".


Goodtimes has influenced the world of International Dressage. His son, Lucky Times, was Champion of the PAVO Cup twice and is now successfully competing and winning at Grand Prix. Kennet W was the 2006 Reserve Champion of the Dutch Young Riders and the winner of the Team Gold Medal at the European Championship for Young Riders. Goodtimes is also the damsire of the dressage stallion, VDL Prestige. Goodtimes is known to produces offspring with excellent movement with lots of self carrying power from behind, his proegny show good jumping ability and are reknown for their beautiful type. Goodtimes has sired multiple approved sons, including Kalusha, Kenwood, Timeless, Londontimes and Sydney. He scored very well at his stallion test, Walk 7.5, Trot 7.5, Canter 8.5, Free jumping 8.5, show jumping 9, cross country 9, character 9, stable behaviour 9 and training report 9. He was 1st place out of 24 stallions at the stallion testing.


The legendary Nimmerdor, was named KWPN Stallion of the Century. Son of the ‘preferent’ stallion Farn, the ‘preferant’ Nimmerdor was the most famous of all the old-fashioned Holstein’s offspring. Nimmerdor has had a tremendous, far-reaching influence upon the world of equestrian breeding and has sired over 50 Approved sons as well as a multitude of international show jumpers and exceptional brood mares.


Nimmerdors' sire Farn broke the service records. In 1979 he was offered 236 mares. In 1978 he had been awarded the 'keur' predicate, in 1991, he was declared 'preferent', seven years after his death. He left eleven approved sons, 123 'ster', 31 'keur', 14 'preferent' and 6 'prestatie' mares." Farn was the sire of a number of notable international showjumpers, including Odin N, Black and White, Design and Olympus. Aside from Nimmerdor, Farn sired a number of stallion sons, including: Fanfare, Felix, Garant (ex Flipper), Safari, Telstar and Uddel. By the end of his breeding career, Farn was the sire of 13 approved sons.

Lucky Boy 1966 (TB) - KWPN

The Keur Preferent stallion Lucky Boy bred in Holland was an influencial sire in KWPN sport horse breeding. 27 of his sons were licensed and he also produced many Ster, Keur and perhaps more importantly, Prestatie mares such as Alandra, Ameika, Dadalie, Dafanory and Dersinaa. In the breeding shed he sired a great many International showjumpers and dressage horses. His daughters have themselves gone on to provide the KWPN studbook with a legacy of sport horse progenitors. Lucky Boys' lineage is also found for example in the World Cup winner Calypso ('73) and the Olympic team Gold medalist The Freak ('76).

The damline

Velita's damline has produced a good number of ster and keur mares. A number of horses were successful at advanced dressage including Rendez Vous by Weyden, Nouvelle by Ferro, with Amoureux and Zirkoon both currently competing at medium level.

Velita's maternal dam ""Felita" is maternal sibling to the ster preferent mare "Ruby" by Krack C dam of our own stallion "Amoureux" Their grand dam Zita, has not only proven herself in dressage competing succesfully to M level but has produced the Z1 level dressage horses, "Qualitys Pride" and "Dorita" along with no less than five ster mares. Zita's daughters Felita and Ruby by Krack C have also produced excellent sport horses and successful horses both in EMPT tests and at the KWPN Keurings.

EvannoIn 2009 we received the news from Amoureux's breeders Marja and Simon in Holland that "Ruby was awarded the Preferent Predicate, following her daughter' Bachoera SV's success, Bachoera by Samba Hit II was awarded the STER title after completing her EPTM test with success. Ruby's other progeny "Wonderfull Jazz" (2003) by Jazz is competing with succes at M2 level dressage and Zirkoon (2004) by Rousseau competing with success at M1 level. Her son by Johnson was also awarded the Ster predicate and has completed his IBOP test with a good score. All descndants form this mareline show a special aptitude for dressage.

Palomino colt foal by McJonnas


Approved by the KWPN in 1981 he was awarded excellent scores of 9 for ridability and temperament although it was noted at times that he could be a little head strong. Ulft also excelled in jumping with an overall mark of 8.5. The most notable of his offspring was the black stallion "Olympic Ferro" who competed at the 2000 Olympics and assisted the Dutch team in achieving a team silver medal. In 2011 the line bred stallion "Uthopia" by "Metal" by Ferro, (Ulft x Ramiro) out Odelia" (Inspekteur x Ulft) ridden by Carl Hester rode the British team into Gold Medal position in Rotterdam at the European Championships with an individual silver in the Grand Prix. Ulft's sire, the Selle Francais stallion "Le Mexico" was awarded a 10 for jumping at the KWPN stallion approvals, Ulft's dam sire was yet another of the most far reaching and influencial KWPN stallions "Farn" sire of the legendary "Nimmerdor that features prominently in our breeding program.



Breed: KWPN
Born: 2001
Colour: Brown
Height: 166 cm
Stud Book Status: SSH Ster

Goodtimes Nimmerdor pref Farn Fax I
Ramonaa Koridon
Friedhilde II
Zigeunerin keur pref Caletto I Cor de la Bruyere
Krokus Wahnfried
Felita ster pref Ulft Le Mexico Mexico
Peche Melba
Pia Perciles xx
Zita President Tumbled xx
Eronia Uron

Bavarnno out of Velita 2006

First premium colt foal by Umenno

Divynne out of Velita 2008

First Premium Filly Foal by Umenno

Coloure dutch warmblood filly

Solaris Favorinna by Solaris Buenno sold to Switzerland

Gracieux out of Velita 2011

Solaris Gracieux by Amoureux
Champion Dressage Foal UK KWPN Keurings Scotland 2011


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