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KWPN Ster mare Abisag Chiquita Ster mare Swiss Warmblood Mare Quinine Zandarinn Ster mare by Scandic

Zabdarinn Zandarinn bred by A Veenstra was imported from Holland in November 2006. She is an elegant modern framed KWPN mare by the Scandinavian bred dressage stallion "Watermill Scandic".

In 2008 Zandarinn was awarded Ster status with the Scottish Sports Horse surprisingly not based purely on the quality of her paces as one would expect being a daughter of the international Dressage Stallion "Scandic" but on the basis of her exceptional jumping talent. Her top score of 87.5% was awarded for technique and suitability as a show jumper.

Zandarinn has produced two palomino fillies by McJonnas, the frst premium filly "Dzandarinna" and her full sister "Solaris Ezanndra" retained as a future broodmare to carry on the strength of her mare line in our breeding program. Her 2010 coloured colt foal by "Solaris Buenno" was sold to the Czech Republic along with his dam.

Watermill Scandic was approved by the KWPN and Zandarinn is very much the image of her sire. Her damline is from a line of proven breeding stock that have consistently produced successful sport horses and have been highly rewarded with stud book predicates.

Zandarinns dam, Lactharinn by No Ski (Nininsky x Nijinsky xx), holds the Keur predicate. Cietherin by Ulft holds the Keur Preferent predicate, Victharin by the TB stallion Apple King xx and Itharin are both prestatie mares.

A good number of upper level sport horses descend from the merrielijn 171 including the approved stallion Sauvage Diamant, "Vedet" by OOseven ridden by Cynthia Pronk, the International Grand Prix Dressage horse Bon Aparte by Sultan, the Grand Prix Showjumper Ultimo by Goodtimes, Pytharr, Ethar, Hatharin and Zithar are all advanced dressage horses.

Watermill Scandic

Zandarinns sire, the KWPN-approved stallion Scandic currently holds 3rd position in the individual WBFSH dressage horse rankings 2011. He boasts novel lineage for a dressage horse with ancestors such Castro Calypso I, Landgraf I and Michelangelo grand sire of Laura Bechtolsheimer's Mistral Hojris. Both Scandic's sire, Solos Carex, and his dams sire, Amiral, represented their countries in dressage at the Olympics. Scandic's great-granddam, Eljenohve, is also the dam of Billy Twomey’s top show jumper, Luidam.

(Palomino filly Ezanndra by McJonnas)

After Scandic won the KWPN stallion competition two years in a row then achieved numerous victories at ZZ-light level and excelled at ZZ-advanced level, his new Swedish rider Patrik Kittel began competing him in the Small Tour in 2008. The combination's first show was in Münster, in January 2008, where they immediately placed second in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I. At the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch, Scandic and Kittel were a sensation. Their success continued in Zwolle where Scandic was awarded the title International Stallion Show Promising Stallion.

In May of that year, Scandic made his Grand Prix debut in Mannheim. In 2009, his impressive performance continued with, among others, wins in Falsterbo and Lingen. Scandic has performed consistently, finishing fifth in the World Cup final in Den Bosch and placing second twice in the World Cup qualifier in Göteborg. In the Grand Prix Freestyle at the FEI European Dressage Championships 2011 in Rotterdam, Scandic claimed the Bronze medal with a score of 83.429. In 2012 Scandic represented Sweden at the London 2012 Olympic Games placing 14th under Patrick Kittel. The winner of the Sheerwater & Hickstead Six Year Old Dressage Championship, ridden by Rebecca Hughes, "Classic Annette Ballerina" is a daughter of Scandic out of a Jazz x Vincent mare. APPEL D'AMOUR is fast approaching Prix St Georges at the age of seven and he also has one International Eventing son An Angel Instead.

Solos Carex

Solos Carex currently holds 12th Postition WBFSH Dressage Sire Rankings 20. Swedish Grand Prix rider Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven officially retired her 2008 Olympic team horse Solos Carex at the Göteborg International Horse Show in Sweden in 2010. The Danish warmblood born in 1993, licensed as a breeding stallion completed his stallion performance test in 1996 placing first in dressage (8.22 points) and second in show jumping (7.34 points). He won the Danish breeder's trophy in 1998 and Nordic Dressage Championship in 1999. Under Vilhelmson, Carex competed at his first international Grand Prix Championship in 2002 at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain, the duo competed for Sweden at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, the 2007 European Championships (team bronze) and the 2008 Olympic Games placing 12th individually.

Castro: Calypso I x Landgraf

Born in 1973 Calypso I was the first of five full siblings to be approved with the Hostein Stud Book. A son of the most influencial sires of Holstein, the Selle Francais stallion Cor De La Bryere (Rantzau XX X Lurioso) and the mare Tabelle (Heissporn x Lorentin). Tabelle also produced the licensed son Congress by Consul and two state premium mares, Heidi and Tibres. Calypso I was sire to no less than 14 approved Holstein sons including Castro sire of the State premium mare Elfenlicht dam of Paul Schokemohles Rosario by Rubinstein and Grand Prix dressage stallion Solos Carex.

The most successfull of the Calypso I sons in in sport was Cabinet III who competed with success at Grand Prix winning 100000 DM with R Schroeder in show jumping, and Commodore who gained success at International Grand Prix Dressage, ridden by W. Aigner, who together gained winnings in excess of 75000 DM. Other successfull progeny include Calypsa 126, Camaro 21, Carossa, Cascadeur 3 and Caspar in show jumping, Campeche 2, Caprice 46, and Chagall 26 in dressage and Cannon V in eventing. Among the 47 state premium mares Zinnia remained the most successfull claiming the Holstein State Champion title and champion of the elite show-Elmshom in 1988, with further success as class winner at the national show in 1990 in Verden. Younger sibling Calypso II is sire of yet another progenitor of International show jumpers Contender.

Flyinge Amiral

Amiral made his Grand Prix dressage debut in 1995 under Kyra Kyrklund. They placed 11th individually at the European Championships in Luxembourg and competed at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. He went on to the Sydney Olympic Games with Peter Markne. Amiral also competed in the Göteborg International Horse Show 2001 and finished 4th and 5th in the invitational dressage.


In his first breeding year, his sons the champion stallion in Neumünster Kennedy and Guy Laroche were approved. Michelangelo's son Michelino, bred in the Netherlands, had already been nominated elite stallion in Denmark due to the success of his offspring in the sport. Laura Bechtolsheimer's "Mistral Horis" is by Michelino. The winning stallion 1998 Monteverdi descended from Michelangelo's dam Miami. In the same year he supplied the Trakehner winner mare in the Netherlands. More than 13 approved sons make Michelangelo world-wide one of the most sought after Trakehner hereditors.

No Ski

A descendant of the thoroughbred Nijinsky his sons and daughters have good sport horse results. The son Nurajev was approved by the NRPS.


Approved by the KWPN in 1981, Ulft was awarded excellent scores of 9 for ridability and temperament although it was noted at times that he could be a little head strong. Ulft also excelled in jumping with an overall mark of 8.5. The most notable of his offspring was the black stallion "Olympic Ferro" who competed at the 2000 Olympics and assisted the Dutch team in achieving a team silver medal. In 2011, the line bred stallion "Uthopia" by "Metal" by Ferro, (Ulft x Ramiro) out "Odelia" (Inspekteur x Ulft) ridden by Carl Hester rode the British team into Gold Medal position in Rotterdam at the European Championships with an individual silver in the Grand Prix and was a member of Team GB at the London Olympics 2012.

Le Mexico

Ulft's sire, the Selle Francais stallion "Le Mexico" was awarded a 10 for jumping at the KWPN stallion approvals, Ulft's dam sire was yet another of the most far reaching and influencial KWPN stallions "Farn", sire of the legendary "Nimmerdor" that features prominently in our breeding program.

Perciles xx

Pericles was an English bred Thoroughbred that stood at stud in the Netherlands from 1976 until his death in 1987. He was one of very few Thoroughbreds like Lucky Boy to achieve Preferent status. Pericles did some racing and competed in Open Jumpers later in his career. His offspring made excellent sport horses. He was best known as being a progenitor of dressage horses. He is the maternal grandsire of the legendary stallion Ulft. The Perciles xx daughter "Wominka" is found in the damline of "Moorland's Totilas" but also the dam sire of the Ster Pref Prestatie mare "Tina" which produced the KWPN's only licensed coloured stallion "Samber".


Breed: KWPN
Born: 2004
Colour: Chestnut
Height: 166 cm
Stud Book Status: SSH Ster Prok

Scandic Solos Carex Castro Calypso
Solos Larix Lagano
Noraline elite prest sport-(dr) Amiral Napolean
Joline Michelangelo
Lactharinn Keur No Ski xx Nininsky xx Nijinksy xx
Virginia Hills
Yea Misty xx Flori xx
Secret Practice xx
Cietheran keur pref Ulft keur Le Mexico keur
Pia keur pref
Victharin keur pref prestatie Apple King xx
Itharin prest ster


D.Zandarinna 1 st premium filly
D.Zandarinna 1 st premium filly by McJonnas

Solaris Fizzinno by Solaris Buenno sold to the Czech Republic
Solaris Fizzinno by Solaris Buenno sold to the Czech Republic

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